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Is Crossfit For You?

Over the past 15-20 years, one of the biggest fads to hit the fitness sector originated from a California-based exercise program that stressed interval training mixed with Olympic-style weight-lifting at its core.

Many have questioned the benefits of Crossfit, and it is not for everyone entering the fitness world. However, CrossFit is an effective means to get in shape and improve your cardiovascular health along with building good stamina.

We should keep in mind, nonetheless, that it is essential to pay attention to one’s own body and its limitations. Through this article, we will share our views on the 10 Benefits of Crossfit and the inherent dangers that can be present.

Top 10 Benefits of Crossfit

Enhanced Heart Health and Wellness

Enhanced Heart Health and Wellness

Your heart rate rises during the CrossFit circuit, this is the goal to reach your ideal heart rate for your fitness level and to achieve your maximum cardio workout.

Information from the American Council on Exercise research revealed that an individuals’ heart rate will rise to a 90 percent optimal heart rate during a rigorous workout.

Physical fitness standards recommend an HRmax between 64 to 94 percent to enhance cardio endurance.

Researchers additionally observed that people often reached 80 percent of VO2max, which is the optimum quantity of oxygen an individual can use throughout an extreme workout. Industry standards recommend 40 to 85 percent of VO2max for enhancing cardio fitness.

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Increased Strength

Increased Strength

CrossFit is a fast-paced, extreme exercise regimen where classes run from 30 – 50 minutes of continuous non-stop activity.

Classes may include 4 or 5 circuits, such as burpees, box jump, rope slams, rowing, etc. It is recommended that you maintain your intensity during the entire class to get the maximum benefit of the workout.

This is the strength of Crossfit, you are able to perform High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) in small sections of time working in all areas of your body.

Dynamic exercises

The exercises are in some cases challenging to define since they are so multidimensional. When you’re doing CrossFit, you’re not merely moving from machine to machine gossiping with fellow gym members.

Crossfit is a program that blends various circuits (exercises) in a way that pushes all components of your body to the maximum results you can achieve. CrossFit’s defined as not specializing in any one area but specializing in all.

The circuits are created to keep your body and mind engaged and active for the entire workout.

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Lots of Moving Parts!

Lots of Moving Parts!

This is an outcome of the diverse activities associated with a CrossFit class– you’re not simply doing straightforward bicep curls for 30 mins, you are working most if not all of the muscles in the body during class.

Additionally, by learning the proper lifting techniques (if you have a good trainer!) you are able to apply this to everyday life to prevent repetitive strain issues, back pain, and proper lifting outside of the gym.

Tight-Knit Community

Oftentimes our local gym is simply a collection of arbitrary individuals concentrated on doing their own workouts and moving at their own pace.

At a CrossFit class, you’re working with a team of individuals — That urge you to press on and push beyond your boundaries.

Also, everyone at the end of the class receives high fives for pushing themselves as far as they can.

Every person has the exact same objective in mind: push yourself to the maximum achievable target for your own fitness level. The sociability in CrossFit becomes part of what makes this workout experience so special.

A New Way Of Life

A New Way Of Life

Joining the Crossfit community can lead to a very positive change in your life. The Gym can be very supportive, you eventually gravitate to other like-minded people that are motivated to achieve similar goals as you.

Everyone helps each other with healthy eating tips, lifting techniques, running clubs, etc. Your Lifestyle will change as you get deeper into the Crossfit world and see your own measurable gains.

Short Efficient Exercises

In a period of 30 to 50 mins, we are asked to finish as many rounds of the various circuits as we can. By the end of the class, you’ll have shed more calories in the 30-50 minutes than you ever would have during an hour’s workout at your local gym.


The ability to find inspiration at a CrossFit gym is easy, over time you begin to see the progression of your physical strength and body transformation which is a fantastic feeling.

Not only is it inspiring to meet your own fitness goals but also to be a part of and witness your fellow gym mates achieve their goals.

Positive One On One Coaching

All CrossFit classes are led by a trainer who is there to ensure your lifts are being done correctly, motivation, and periodically provide you with a push to get going!

Your instructor will undoubtedly end up being a motivation, therapist, pal, nutrition advisor, and also your most significant supporter.

The coach at my Crossfit Gym is a former Olympic Shot Putter and has been very helpful in pushing me to go further and kicking me in the butt when I try to take time off.

Enhanced Health and Wellness

Enhanced Health and Wellness

CrossFit has been created to focus on these specific principles: endurance, stamina, control, versatility, power, agility, equilibrium, precision, and mindfulness. These are the principles that helped me lose 35 pounds in 3 months, and I haven’t looked back.

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Dangers of Crossfit

Dangers of Crossfit

Over the past couple of years at the gym, I have seen many of the dangers of CrossFit such as members falling on treadmills (scary!), getting sick to their stomach, falling off box jumps, becoming dehydrated, etc.

Most of those injuries are preventable by ensuring you are drinking lots of fluids, easing onto the treadmill and listening to the coaches, and following their instructions. However, there are higher risks more prevalent at the lower quality gyms.

The raised threat of injury

The risks are more prominent for new Crossfit members. I have witnessed many newbies enter the class who on the first appearance seem to be in good shape, but have not performed these types of exercises before with the level of intensity that we workout.

Many members push themselves too hard trying to complete the tasks set by the coaches. This increases the risk of injury for new and at times, existing members.

Check out Another Perspective in The Video Below

During class, we are expected to perform heavy lifts, box jumps, rope slams, etc. Until you reach an exhausted state!

At times members will not adjust the weights to a safe load and raise their risk of muscle strain and/or back injury.

CrossFit is constantly pushing limits, forcing your muscles to the point of exhaustion/failure, this can cause damage to the body.

There is much debate on the process of working your body to a state of exhaustion.

Although many workouts can result in injury, CrossFit presents a higher risk of danger due to high-impact, high-speed training.

There are numerous workouts, such as the Olympic lifts, box jumps, pull-ups, etc. that should be performed in small doses.

CrossFit Gyms Have Become Saturated With Unqualified Trainers

During the buzz surrounding the Crossfit industry, we have seen new trainers that have little to no experience or qualifications.

Many do not have the ability to train Olympic lifting or identify if someone should slow down or rest. Leaving the customer open for risks of injury.

In my opinion, untrained personnel is the most dangerous risk facing anyone getting into Crossfit. I would advise that you do some research on the trainers at the gym before handing your money over.

CrossFit can be one of the best workouts for your Health, Body, and mind. I lost 35 pounds in Crossfit and found the classes, support and atmosphere could not be equaled.

Consult with your physician before getting into CrossFit or any new fitness program.

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