Hot yoga has become popular for a number of reasons. Some people practice it to burn calories and lose weight, and some practice to reduce stress and gain positive mindfulness.

It is an excellent way to achieve your ideal weight, gain flexibility, mindfulness and become healthier, too.

Over the years I have been asked many times “How Many Calories Do You Burn With Hot Yoga”? This article will answer the question and explain some of the other benefits of Hot Yoga and why you should give it a try.

What Is Hot Yoga?

Hot yoga is the practice of performing poses under high temperatures and humidity. The temperature is ideally 105 degrees, and the humidity level should be 40 percent.

The purpose of the heat and humidity originated to replicate the hot/humid conditions from India where Yoga originated. These conditions increase the benefits of yoga. The heat increases your body’s energy demands, so more calories are burned.

The high temperature can increase your movements and flexibility because your muscles become loosened.

There are varying numbers of postures used in hot yoga (depending on the practice), paired with breathing exercises.

What Is Hot Yoga

How Many Calories Do You Burn With Hot Yoga?

Various factors determine the number of calories you will burn when you practice Hot Yoga. One example is your gender. Women burn fewer calories than men.

A second example is your current weight. Heavier people burn more calories than slimmer people. Other factors include how physically fit you are, the intensity you put into your workouts, and your genes.

On average, though, you can burn approximately 475 calories doing hot yoga for 60 minutes.

While you may expect to burn half this amount if you practice for 30 minutes, you should keep in mind that hot yoga classes generally last for 90 minutes, once again depending on your practice.

This may not seem like a significant amount of calories, but hot yoga burns more calories than most other types of yoga.

It also places less stress on your body than many other forms of exercise and provides additional benefits.

There are also steps you can take to make hot yoga an easier, successful experience.

Types of Hot Yoga Practice

Types of Hot Yoga Practice

Over the past decades, Hot Yoga has branched off into many different forms from the original Hatha practice.

Styles of Hot Yoga originating from Krishnamacharya include Baron Baptiste power yoga, Bikram, Moksha/Modo (My practice), Barkan method, and CorePower Yoga to name a few.

Check out the video at the bottom of the post for a Bikram 60 Minute Class.

Below are the various practices at our local Moksha now Modo Hot Yoga Studio. As stated above, depending on the type of practice you enter, there will be differences at each studio.

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Moksha/Modo Hot Yoga

Accessible and challenging practice focusing on breathing. Great for beginner and experienced Yogis.

Moksha/Modo Flow

Healthy challenging Hot Yoga flow sequence where postures are linked to breathing and upward-downward dog sequences. (Great Practice for Weight Loss)

Moksha/Modo Silent Hot Yoga

The Modo Silent Hot Yoga is a class led silently by the instructor (Great Practice for Relaxation and Mindfulness). Check out the article “What Is Manifestation Meditation?”

Moksha/Modo Music

A challenging class linked to breathing and performed great music! (depending on the instructor and choice of music). I enjoyed this class a lot with the music playing in the background.


This class is all about balance, the first half of the class consist of a series of FLOW poses followed by a sequence of Yin poses that are set up to relax the body and mind.

Great class for beginners and experienced Yogi’s depending on what you are looking for.


A challenging and alignment-based vinyasa style class focused on linking the breath, mind, and body with movement. Classes are created with focus peak posture. Suitable for a more advanced/experienced Yogi.


This is a low-intensity highly relaxing class performed in lower heat with long deep holds helping restore joints and muscles and is suitable for all levels.

Does Hot Yoga Tone Your Body

Does Hot Yoga Tone Your Body?

As hot yoga works on your muscles, you will see positive results if you practice regularly.

It will tighten, sculpt, and tone your body. If you want these benefits without adding bulk, it is an ideal way to achieve physical fitness.

It is especially useful for your shoulders, legs, and upper arms. If these areas are not as strong and firm as they were when you were younger, you can look forward to a more youthful feeling and appearance.

Can Hot Yoga Work For You?

When you want the best results, sign up for a class. You will benefit from the expertise of a qualified instructor. When you are in a class with other beginners, you will not be self-conscious about learning yoga routines.

You can feel self-confident even if you are overweight, believe me, the classes I have attended there are people of all different shapes, ages, and backgrounds, so no need to be nervous about attending your 1st class.

When you start hot yoga, you are likely to notice more perspiration than you experienced with other types of exercise.

You should wear lightweight, loose cotton clothing to absorb the perspiration. However, there is one factor you may not have considered.

You Will Sweat! A Lot!

When you step on a scale shortly after a yoga session, it may seem as if you have lost weight. The weight that does not show up on your scale is only water weight that you lost through perspiration. This weight loss is not permanent.

Due to excessive perspiration, it is essential to drink plenty of fluids. Freshwater will prevent dehydration.

Sports drinks are useful alternatives. They can replenish the electrolytes lost from perspiration. You should avoid caffeinated beverages that work as diuretics, and avoid alcohol.

Before a hot yoga session, it is important to do warm-up exercises. This will reduce your risk of an injury, and increase blood circulation to your muscles.

When your muscles are warmed up, you will have better results from your yoga session.

You should plan on at least three hot yoga classes each week. You will become accustomed to performing the routines, so you can perform each pose correctly. Three weekly sessions will also help stabilize your appetite.

Is Hot Yoga For Everyone?

Some individuals should not try hot yoga. If you have any type of heart condition, are pregnant, or are affected by extreme heat or humidity, you should avoid this type of exercise.

Some people who are otherwise healthy experience symptoms of heat exhaustion when performing hot yoga.

If you develop nausea or feel faint or dizzy, find a cool place to rest and drink water.

Yoga is not only for young adults. Older people who do not have serious health conditions can benefit.

As it improves coordination and muscle strength and helps a person become limber, it can have special advantages for an older person.

It can make activities of daily living easier for senior citizens, and reduce the risk of accidental falls. As yoga increases bone density, it can also reduce a senior’s risk of bone fractures.

While most healthy people can safely perform hot yoga, talk to your doctor if you have any concerns. You should also consult with your doctor if you have any other health issues.

There Is More To Hot Yoga Than Burning Calories

When hot yoga increases the heat within your body, it increases your metabolism. You will burn more calories, and you will also burn body fat and you will start to see well-defined muscle instead of fat.

You will start to lose weight. Unlike water weight which returns, you can keep the pounds off when you practice Hot Yoga regularly.

Hot yoga increases your insulin sensitivity. It will be easier for your body to use carbohydrates as a source of energy, so you can lose weight and maintain your ideal weight. Higher insulin sensitivity also reduces your risk of heart disease, obesity, and diabetes.

Hot Yoga For Mental Health

Hot Yoga For Mental Health

Hot yoga reduces your stress hormones. It is a natural way to develop a calm, balanced mood, and reduce your risk of depression. If you are often bothered by worry or anxiety, you can start to enjoy a wonderful sense of relaxation.

If you have been searching for full-body workouts, hot yoga is a simple solution. As it is such a relaxing activity, you may not even realize you are working out.

If you have tried other types of exercise and did not achieve the results you wanted, hot yoga can be an exciting alternative.

Many people who love yoga talk about the mind-body connection. Yoga can work on your brain as well as your body.

You can develop a better sense of awareness, happiness, and mental health. It can reduce the effects of stress in your everyday life.

Hot Yoga For A Healthy Body

Hot yoga can benefit your physical health, too. You can have more flexibility, balance, and coordination. It can keep your heart and bones healthy and may lower your blood pressure.

It can improve your posture, strengthen your muscles, protect your spine, and prevent damage to your joints and cartilage.

Hot yoga can lower and stabilize your blood sugar levels, boost your immune system, and may reduce symptoms of allergies and digestive issues.

Healthy hot yoga lifestyle

Hot Yoga For An Overall Healthy Lifestyle

Whether you enjoy or dislike exercise, there is one factor most types of exercise have in common.

Whether you previously worked out at the gym, rode your bike around the neighborhood, or performed calisthenics at home, when you were not actively exercising you did not give it much thought. The hour or two you exercised did not affect your everyday life.

Hot yoga is different. It has so many positive effects on your daily life that it becomes an entirely new way of living. It is the foundation of a healthy new lifestyle.

Healthy sleeping habits

Three Impacts Of Hot Yoga On a Healthy Lifestyle

One example is its effects on your eating habits. While many people who practice it feel it is the perfect, natural way to regulate their appetites, you may also find yourself making healthier choices.

You may start to prefer nutritious foods that are actually good for your body. The benefits of a healthy diet extend much further than weight loss.

A second example is its effect on your sleeping habits. Individuals who practice yoga often find their sleep habits improve.

If you have difficulty falling asleep at night, or wake up frequently during the nighttime, a good night’s sleep can be in your future.

If you are not aware of the benefits of restful sleep, you may be surprised at the results. You can have more energy and a pleasant mood.

Sleep helps your hormones stay balanced, makes it easier to control your weight, and even reduces your risk of both minor and serious health problems.

A third example is a change in your attitudes toward exercise. As soon as you start practicing yoga, you will look forward to every session.

There is always something new to learn and a routine that you can improve. If you are one of the many people who avoid exercise as much as possible, you will notice a difference with yoga.

Unlike many forms of exercise, it is not painful or boring. Each time you prepare for a session, you will be excited. Bikram yoga will become one of the most important parts of your life.

You can develop solid new friendships with others in the class, too.

Healthy eating habits

Is Hot Yoga The Right Option For You?

If you are like most people today, you do not want to spend your time on approaches that do not produce results.

Whether your goal is to burn calories, lose weight, or achieve better overall health, you can have the results you want.

If a good experience is one of your priorities, you will not be disappointed. You can avoid the aches and pains and boredom of traditional exercise while having a good experience each and every time.

Hot Yoga Benefits

Another priority may be to have additional benefits. There are not many types of exercise that provide so many benefits.

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Consider all the differences yoga can make in your life. There is more to health and happiness than simply losing weight.

Perhaps you are ready to make one change that can affect your entire lifestyle. There is little in your life that will not be affected by taking up yoga. More self-confidence and a higher quality of life can be yours.

Hot Yoga Costs

You may also want to think of benefits in budget-friendly terms. You do not need to invest in any expensive exercise equipment or buy any special accessories.

As you will only pay for your classes and the clothing you choose to wear, yoga classes will easily fit into your budget.

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If you are still uncertain, think about your goals and what you hope to accomplish. After you have read about all the benefits, you have surely found some that apply to you.

While your first question may have been how many calories can you burn, the answer was only one reason you now want to try it.

There are other exercises and workouts that burn more calories, but they do not provide many other benefits.


When you want to have it all, you need not look any further than your first yoga class. There is an experienced instructor waiting for you to sign up, and new friends who want to meet you.

It only takes a few minutes to choose some appropriate clothing, and join a class today.

Individuals of all ages want slimmer bodies and physical fitness. Whether you are a young adult, a senior citizen, or somewhere in between, hot yoga is an approach to health and fitness that you can truly enjoy.

You will start to see the pounds and body fat disappear, and notice your overall health is improving.

After your first session is over, you will feel good about your body and you will feel good about yourself. You will know it was one of the best decisions you have ever made.

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