Cinderella Solution is every female’s remedy to combating the significant decline in the metabolic process that occurs after puberty.

New research has revealed that females undergo a significant hormonal change between puberty and menopause.

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This change makes it tough to drop weight and stay healthy, as it decreases your metabolic process.

The Cinderella Solution trains you on how to activate your female fat loss code to boost your metabolism as well as how to burn fat fast. Also, don’t fret, It isn’t a crash diet or a new weight-loss fad. There’s no requirement to count calories, hit the treadmill, or restrict your diet.

Instead, the entire system is 100% risk-free and all-natural. The program focuses on performing a specific set of exercises as well as adding nutrition to your daily routine and pairing specific foods, helping increase your metabolic rate.

So, if you’re searching for your own Cinderella Solution, keep reading and see what you can expect from this program.

What is the Cinderella Solution?

Put down the weight-loss tablets, forget the invasive surgical procedures, weight loss creams, and costly crash diets. They never seem to work anyhow!

The Cinderella Solution is a digital four-phase weight loss system created for females over the age of 25. A recent study showed that the hormone shift ladies go through after puberty and up to menopause slows the metabolism, making it difficult to lose weight.

Throughout the program, you will learn a unique two-step routine in a series of workouts and an easy-to-follow diet plan. The program activates your metabolism to help you start burning fat at high speed.

It just requires you to do precise workouts as well as to introduce specific nourishment into your day to reactivate your metabolism.

Cinderella Solution Diet Fat Burn

Program Outline

I’ll dive into the details in a moment however initially, below’s a look at what you receive when you get going:

  • Main Manual
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Recipe Playbook
  • Guilt-free Dessert Guide
  • Video Exercise Guide (includes all the exercises of the program)

The central manual is where you’ll find the four phases that you will work through, which includes:

  • Part One: The Program Explained
  • Part Two: Using Your ‘Daily Nutrition Blueprint Book’
  • Part Three: Using Your Movement-Sequencing Exercise Guide
  • Part Four: Top 10 Flavor Pairs and Weight Loss Combinations

The list above, as you can see, includes both a diet plan and exercise regiment that researchers have found to both be essential in losing weight.

I recommend downloading the entire program as it ensures you have the complete system you need to follow to increase the metabolic process and combat the effects of the hormone shift allowing you to drop weight.

You have the ability to access the program at any time, change up your exercises, and because you can access it digitally, you have the plan available all day.

Having the system in an electronic layout makes the Cinderella Solution easier to follow and reach your weight loss goals.

Additionally, the program comes with a 60-day refund policy. With the 60-day money-back guarantee, you have enough time to decide if this program is for you.

Cinderella solution - Exercise regiment

Who is the Writer of Cinderella Solution?

Carly Donovan is the creator of the Cinderella Solution. She is easy to relate to and tells it like it is! “I’m not some TV Doctor or self-proclaimed guru, and I work for no one, other than the women like you for whom I live to serve. That woman in the mirror was me. This is MY Story. And this is YOUR Solution.”

Overview of Cinderella Solution Diet

Ultimately, a weight-loss program was developed by a female for females. The Cinderella Solution is a comprehensive online fat-burning system that takes you through a four-phase process to recognize the hormonal transition that damages women’s metabolism from the age of puberty to menopause.

After that, it provides you with all the dietary details, recipes, meal strategies, specific exercises as well as steps to transform your newly found knowledge into action.

Cinderella Solution - Before & After

Main Manual


  • Chapter 1:
    • Weight Loss from The Inside Out
    • Where and How to Get Started
  • Chapter 2: Weight Loss Rituals
    • Food Coupling
    • Flavor Pairing
    • Nutrition Timing
    • Slim-Sequencing Exercise
  • Chapter 3: Ignite and Launch 2-Phase Approach
    • Phase 1: The Ignite Phase
    • Phase 2: The Launch Phase
    • Cycling the Ignite and Launch Phases


  • Chapter 4: Cinderella Tools
    • 14 Day Calendars
    • Daily Meal Plans
    • Bonus Recipes
  • Chapter 5: Macros and Food Pairing Rituals
    • PRIME Proteins
    • ROYAL Fats
    • POWER Carbs
    • ANGEL Carbs
  • Chapter 6: Meal Timing and Frequency
    • Ignite: 3 Meals Daily
    • Launch: 4 Meals Daily
    • When to Eat
Meal Plans


  • Chapter 7: 3-Step Instruction Guide
  • Chapter 8: Ignite and Launch Meal Pairing Legends
  • Chapter 9: Portion Options
  • Chapter 10: Food and Portion Blocks


You will also receive two bonuses absolutely free which will help you with your newfound weight-loss journey. The bonuses are:

  • 21 Day Kickstart Nutrition Guide
  • The Movement Sequencing Guide

Our Final Verdict

Cinderella Solution is every woman’s answer to reducing the impacts of the hormonal transition that research studies have shown harm to the female metabolic process.

This comprehensive program will teach you the proper diet and exercise plans required to improve your metabolic rate, allowing you to start losing weight without having to limit your food or spend hrs at the gym.

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