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The Top 20 Fat Burning Hacks!

Have you been looking for fat-burning hacks to lose weight? I assume because you are reading this article that your answer is YES!!!

Do you keep running into the same old advice such as exercising more, intermittent fasting, drink lots of water? Blah, blah, blah! I have been trying to lose weight for years and only recently have found my groove, and that was CrossFit! It works for me, and I love it!

The other part of the story is the fact that it took me 42 years to find a program that works for me.

I have participated in Weight Watchers, personal training programs and joined every Gym in my local area. I would lose weight, feel great but eventually gain it all back and feel crappy.

The Weight Loss Answer?

The trick is finding a system/program that is sustainable and fits in with your lifestyle. To be honest with you I would rather be a fat, happy person satisfied with life than a skinny, unhappy, miserable SOB!

But this is not why you are here! Over my many years of trying to find the “Answer” to my weight problems, I came across many bizarre fat-burning Hacks; I think I may have tried one or two of these?

I thought it would be interesting to get them down on paper and see if any of you have tested these methods in the past or would try them in the future?

Bizarre Tips And Tricks To Burn Fat

This is the point where I will tell you that you can read the rest of my 1500+ words explaining the 20 bizarre fat-burning hacks, and you can fall asleep reading all of that if you like! Or, you can check out the very informative infographic below. But that is up to you!


1. Take a Picture

Instead of recording every bite of food you are consuming in a “fat Diary” Take a picture instead before you put anything in your mouth, this will make you think twice about what you are eating and keep a visual journal of your eating pattern! I mean who wants to write everything in a journal? Boring!

Wine and Chocolate Are Good

2. Wine and Chocolate Are Good!

You may think that chocolate and wine are not good to eat and drink, especially if you are trying to diet and lose weight. Actually, it has been shown that Red Wine and Dark Chocolate can add benefits to your overall health as long as both are consumed in moderation.

3. Don’t Look at The Scale

During your first week or so of dieting, try not to focus on the numbers on the scale. It is common during the first week of dieting that the needle on the scale does not move. Instead, focus on any positive gains you may have made over the week, such as sticking to the diet plan, staying with your exercise routine, and increasing energy!

Don’t Look at The Scale

4. Tie It Up!

You could try the “Tie it up method.” Women in France have been known to tie ribbons around their stomachs before going out for meals.

The ribbon is a physical reminder of their weight loss goals and adds pressure when your stomach starts expanding, signaling to stop eating.

Effective! But a little extreme don’t you think?

5. Go Blue!

So here is the reason why you do not see many blue color schemes in restaurants: The color blue actually functions as an appetite suppressant.

Research has shown that people will eat 33% less in a predominately blue room; the bluish light that results evidently makes food look less appealing?

So I guess if you want to eat less, eat on blue plates, buy a blue tablecloth, blue clothes, etc. Avoid red, yellow, and orange; studies have shown that they encourage eating.

6. Mirror, Mirror on The Wall!

A study found that eating in front of or beside mirrors has decreased the amount people have consumed by one-third. I guess the mirror will remind you of why you are on a diet in the first place.

Sniff an Apple

7. Sniff an Apple, a Banana, or Some Peppermint

You will feel ridiculous. However, it works. A study performed by the Smell and Taste Foundation found that the more frequently people smelled these three products, the less hungry they were and also the more weight they lost.

The theory behind this is that sniffing the food tricks the mind into assuming that you’re consuming it.

8. Eat a Big Breakfast

According to the Physicians from The Doctors, in recent research, one group of overweight women consumed 700 calories for breakfast, 500 at lunch, as well as 200 at dinner.

An additional group consumed the same calorie amounts but in reverse order. After 13 months, the big-breakfast eaters shed 18 pounds, while the big-dinner eaters dropped only seven pounds.

Light a Vanilla Scented Candle

9. Light a Vanilla-Scented Candle After Dinner

The vanilla-scented aroma apparently curbs your dessert cravings. A group of 160 volunteers lost an average of 4 pounds each during the study period wearing vanilla-scented pieces.

10. Lights Up-Tunes Down

The majority of restaurants do not dim their lights to create a romantic ambiance; they do it, so you order more food!

Low lighting lowers your eating inhibitions. As for music, soft tunes playing in the background encourage more leisurely chewing and work against hurry-up, stress-related, mindless eating patterns.

11. Count Every Bite

A pilot study recently performed at Brigham Young University (BYU) validated an old weight loss trick where you count every bite of food you consume and eventually you will lose weight.

The study had volunteers count every piece of food that entered their mouths. The volunteers were then asked to reduce their total daily bites by 20-30%.
For example, if they started off with 100 bites per day, they reduced the number of bites to 70 or 80.

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The volunteers that reduced their bites shed approximately two kilos in four weeks. The foods they were eating stayed the same.

The only thing that changed was the number of bites they took of food in a day. Hence they reduced the amount they were eating.

This is all well and good, but who is going to count every bite, every day? Not very sustainable.

BYU recognized this issue and has partnered with a startup tech company to develop an app that will calculate your bites per day.

Cut Your Food

12. Cut Your Food Into Itsy Bitsy Tiny Pieces

If counting bites and chews aren’t for you, here’s another weight loss trick that will turn mealtimes into an unending chore: cut all your food into teeny-tiny pieces to nibble on.

A 2012 study from Arizona State University focused on feeding 300+ college students a bagel before their dinner, but one group ate the entire bagel whole while the other group ate the same size bagel cut into four thin slices.

After 20 minutes passed the students were offered free all-you-can-eat dinner; Students that ate the sliced bagel consumed twenty-five percent less food than those who ate the full bagel.

Psychologist Devina Wadhera, who led the study, speculated that food cut into multiple bite-sized pieces tricks your brain into thinking you’ve eaten more than you have.

13. Only Eat With Slender People

If you follow this hack you may lose some weight; However, you may also lose some friends!

Cornell University’s Food and Brand Lab found that you are more likely to make unhealthy food choices when eating with heavier people.

14. Stop Wearing Sweats

Try wearing stylish, comfortable clothes instead of big bulky sweats and loungewear that hide your body — This will encourage you to eat in a way that shows you care about your appearance and your body.”

Have you heard the term “you are what you eat”? Well, in this case, the saying will be “You eat the way you dress”? Does that make sense?

Bottom line, dress the part, and you are reminded of the goals you are trying to reach.

Clean Out The Fridge

15. Clean Out The Fridge

A clean refrigerator can showcase your healthy foods to make diet-friendly eating easier. Put single-serving containers of Greek yogurt, low-fat dairy products, and chopped veggies on the front shelves, so you see them right away when you open the fridge door to browse.

16. Eat Before You Shop

Avoid going to buy food on an empty stomach or after an intensive workout. You will make better food decisions if you get groceries on a full stomach.

17. Delegate Dishes for Diet Success

Get out of the kitchen and allow your family to clean up and finish the dishes. Hanging around the kitchen will only encourage you to “graze” on leftovers. Make a point of getting out for a brisk walk to decrease calories instead of adding them.

18. Say “Goodbye” to Your Microwave.

Quick microwavable meals are often high in calories, high in fat, and low in nutrition. Fill your microwave with books, dishes or get rid of it altogether to inspire healthier cooking and eating.

19. Declutter Your Countertops

Clean living encourages clean eating, according to scientific studies. Clear off your countertops to give yourself the space you need to prepare healthy meals.

Eat By a Window

20. Eat By a Window

Whether you are dining at home or eating out in a restaurant, studies have shown that if you dine near a window, you’re likely to eat healthier food.

Are These Fat Burning Hacks Doable?

Ok, so those are the 20 most bizarre weight loss hacks I could find. I have tried a few of these, such as the wine and chocolate theory, but it doesn’t work when you drink the whole bottle! Or eat the entire box of chocolates!

Only eat with slender people! Really? Stats show that 68 % of us are overweight or obese! So just eliminate 68% of your friends & family, and you will lose weight!

If you have kids and think you will eliminate the microwave? Good luck! Let me know how that goes. I give it a week!

How can I cut my food into little itsy bitsy pieces when I have already swallowed the entire burger? Hmm?

This Is The End!

Well, folks, you made it to the end of the 20 fat-burning hacks article, or at least you checked out the infographic and video then scrolled to the summary of the most awesome post ever!

No worries I would have done the same. To be 100% honest with everyone, weight loss can be a painful journey.

I have been there and still struggle every day to eat healthily and exercise on a regular basis!


I have been on this roller coaster my whole life, up and down, up and down. To be real about weight loss, it is about the small victories and most importantly, being happy in your life.

Try some of these hacks, and one may work out? I don’t know, but promise me that you will try to be happy in your life, be a good person, and if you lose weight, that will be the cherry on top!

Happiness does not come by the number on the scale; it comes with self-confidence and believing in yourself.

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