You, Me And How To Lose Lower Belly Fat Fast And In A Healthy Manner!

Lose Lower Belly Fat Fast

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 One of the most common complaints you hear from individuals who have lower belly fat is their inability to get rid of it.

Unlike your thighs, arms, and legs, the fat that surrounds your lower abdominal muscles often includes deep visceral fat, which gets tucked in and around your organs.

When an individual goes to try and lose the fat from the lower belly area, frustration ensues because they find it difficult to shed.

The only way to get rid of it is to understand why it’s there in the first place and then use the appropriate intensities of exercise and nutrition to whittle it away.

In this article, we will take a look at the reasons why you gain belly fat, why it is so difficult to remove, and how you can lose lower belly fat fast.

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Understanding The Reasons Behind Why You Gain Lower Belly Fat

  • You Have Poor Dietary Choices: if you want to control your lower belly fat, control what you eat. Eating foods that are low in nutrition will cause your belly to grow, which means a diet that is high in sugar and refined carbohydrates will contribute to that lower belly fat pouch. 
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  • Your Posture Sucks: although this doesn’t contribute directly to lower belly fat, it does make it seem as though you have lower belly fat than you actually do.  Often, when you have poor posture, you cause your belly to over arch which pushes out your lower belly and causes an excessive anterior pelvic tilt. If you think that this is what is occurring, do pelvic tilt stretches to try and correct the problem. 
  • You Lack In The Movement Department: if you lead a life that doesn’t involve a lot of movement, such as having a sedentary job or not spending enough time walking or exercising, then you burn fewer calories during the day. This means that most of the food you consume gets stored as visceral, subcutaneous, or surface fat around the lower belly. The type of fat that you take on depends on your age, your gender, and your eating habits, however, for men it is mostly visceral fat. 
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  • You Aren’t Getting Enough Sleep: individuals who have poor sleeping habits; those who sleep less than six hours per night or more than nine hours, have higher amounts of belly fat. This is because when you skip out on sleeping, the hormones that regulate your appetite go haywire and you end up consuming more to stay awake. Plus, sleep deprivation is a form of stress which causes you to consume more food than you should. 
  • You Are Producing Too Much Cortisol: the more stressed you are, the fatter you will become. This is because of the stress hormone, Cortisol, encourages your body to store excess calories as belly fat. Plus, stress can cause you to mindlessly eat, crave high-calorie foods, and emotionally eat. 
  • Hormone Shifts: for women in particular, as you age and approach menopause, you will experience a significant shift in hormone production which causes the body to shift your fat storage from your hips and thighs to your belly region. This is because you are reaching the age at which it is unlikely that you are to become pregnant and therefore, you no longer need fat in those areas as reserve energy and so it gets spread elsewhere.  In men, a similar hormone change is seen as testosterone drops after the age of forty and belly fat expedites. Beyond this, both genders will naturally lose muscle mass as they age and this can lower your resting metabolism. When this occurs, you are more likely to store excess fat in the abdominal region. 

So Why Is Lower Belly Fat So Hard to Remove?

There are three main reasons why it is so difficult to remove. 

  • Lower belly fat has more alpha receptors to it. In areas like your stomach, the fat gets released at a slower rate because they have a different type of receptor than normal fat cells.  Alpha receptors, rather than beta receptors, do not interact with the hormone catecholamines as quickly as normal fat with beta receptors do, this is what causes the slower release of the fat. 
  • Lower belly fat is sensitive to insulin. Meaning, that if you have higher insulin levels, your LSL (a fat-storing enzyme) is going to be increased and the activity of your HSL (a fat-releasing enzyme) will be decreased. This causes you to store more fat around your mid area.
  • Your lower belly gets less blood flow than other areas. Unfortunately, when fat gets released from a cell, it has to be transported to be burned through a process called lipid oxidization. Due to the fact that your lower abdominals get less blood flow, less fat is removed from the cells, processed, and burned. 

How Do You Lose Lower Belly Fat Fast? 

In order to remove your lower belly fat fast, you have to change up your diet and engage in the correct exercise movements.

Doing endless sit-ups, engaging in excess cardio, and cutting calories drastically, will not do it and will actually cause you more harm than good. Instead, choose to do the following. 

  • Incorporate strength training into your daily exercise regimen. Not only does strength training prevent muscle loss and boost fat loss, but it also encourages you to work out using compound movements which are great for burning away fat from the entire body.  Two good movements to do are squats and deadlifts.  
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  • Your abs are built in the kitchen, so make sure you are eating healthy. Stop eating processed foods and choose to eat whole foods. Proteins should include fish, eggs, meat, and poultry, whereas, your vegetables and fruits should include broccoli, kale, spinach, apples, pears, and berries. For your fats, you should be consuming real butter, olive oil, and nuts. Finally, for your carbohydrates, choose to consume whole grains like brown rice, oats, and quinoa. 

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  • Eat more fat, more protein, and just plain more. High protein diets are great for burning away fat because your body uses more energy to burn it off, plus it keeps you full for longer. Eating more healthy fats is going to aid you in losing the belly fat because your body won’t stockpile it as much because you have a consistent amount coming in. Finally, eat more food as starving yourself is just going to cause your body to hang onto every single item you put into your mouth. By starving yourself, you lose the ability to maintain muscle which will make you fatter and you will not have the energy to work out.

  • Limit your alcohol consumption. When it comes to alcohol, you are consuming empty calories that provide your body with no nutrition. Beyond this, it causes your liver to overwork itself to clear out the toxins from the drinks. This causes stress to the body, which increases your Cortisol hormone. If your stress levels are high, you’re going to increase the likelihood of gaining more abdominal fat. 

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Finally, cut out the sugary beverages and stop consuming excess sugar completely. When you consume a lot of sugar, the liver gets overloaded with it and it gets turned into fat.

Your body will always burn off sugar first, so if you have an excess amount of sugar in your system, your body will never burn the fat for energy. Plus, consuming too much sugar leads to insulin resistance which makes fat more stubborn to burn away.

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Sugary Soda

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All in all, if you truly want to burn away your lower belly fat fast, switch up your diet from processed to unprocessed foods and get moving, either through strength training, high-intensity exercise, or sports. 

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